Paula schrijft artikel in Engelse krant op school over het project

De dochter van één van onze vrijwilligers heeft een mooi stukje geschreven over het werk dat wij met elkaar verrichten. Wij delen het graag met iedereen.

Little Dachshund Luna brings happiness
By Paula van Weijen, 6 February 2013, The Happy Times
Happiness is in the small things in life. That proves the little 2 years old dachshund Luna a few times a week when it visits the old and lonely people.
Every visiting brings a lot of joy, not only for the old people but also for Luna. Endearing moments, lots of oh’s and ah’s and most of all: a lot of hugs and kisses. Luna loves everyone and everything.

The visiting’s are organized by The Animal Life Foundation, a foundation who visits old and lonely people in elderly homes in Rotterdam and surroundings with dogs for cuddling.
Most of the people which Animal Life Foundation visits suffer from dementia and can’t remember anything. Some people haven’t talked for days and are lying in bed all day. But when the dogs come for a visit, there is a big smile on their faces and they sometimes start talking!

They suddenly remember a few things about there past lives and tell the volunteers about the pets they had when they were young.
Visiting elderly homes isn’t the only thing the Animal Life Foundation does. There was a project with people who were addicted to alcohol or something else. These people had a training with the dogs, Luna too, and they taught the dogs some tricks. With this project they learned to trust a dog and we hope that they trust the community again.

A few months ago, there was an election for the top volunteer in Rotterdam and Luna and her owner, Leonie Verhoeven, became second!
I would like to give Luna and the Animal Life Foundation another price for all the good work they do and because they make old people so happy.